This is what pushing back looks like!

Former Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski was asked to testify today in the ongoing attempt to get anything on President Trump on obstruction.

The clown show was on, but before it started, Lewandowski totally blistered Democrats in his opening statement:

“We as a nation would be better served if elected officials like you concentrated your efforts to combat the true crises facing our country as opposed to going down rabbit holes like this hearing.” 

“Instead of focusing on petty and personal politics, the Committee [should] focus on solving the challenges of this generation— imagine how many people we could help or lives we could save.” -Corey Lewandowski

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Doug Collins continued the spanking of the Dems with a reality check: “You don’t have the votes…that’s the problem!”

Watch Lewandoski and Doug Collins make a mockery of the sham hearing and then in the video below Lewandowski goes at it with Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee:

The complete exchange with Jackson-Lee is below:

“It was just a rant” – Lewandowski



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