This woman is a fighter! A New York woman called out radical leftists protesting to remove the Teddy Roosevelt statue in NYC.

The woman is 100% spot-on in her comments to the potty-mouthed young man wearing the American University t-shirt who told her, “Check your privilege.”

“You are a domestic terrorist group…”

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The man below had something to say that should wake every American up to what’s REALLY going on:

“This movement is about bringing it all down so we can build a new,” says protester at #OccupyCityHall in NYC. Protesters demanding $1 billion in budget cuts to #NYPD

The young man below woke up to the fact that we need to keep the statues up:

“This is our culture and we need to protect it for everybody,” says speaker at defending the #TeddyRoosevelt statue rally at the American Museum of Natural History in #NYC


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