You have to give this girl points for good behavior. She was very cooperative and polite to every police officer on the scene. She was the most polite protestor we’ve seen to date from the mostly Soros funded #BlackLivesMatter “grassroots” movement.

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The Confederate flag was removed from a pole on the South Carolina capitol grounds early Saturday morning by activists, but state employees returned the flag to its position not long after the incident.

An activist group claimed responsibility for taking the flag down. Witnesses said two people were arrested by authorities almost immediately after one of them scaled the flag pole on the north side of the State House grounds and pulled the Confederate banner down.

A woman who took the Confederate flag down Saturday morning from the South Carolina State House grounds was quickly arrested by Bureau of Protective Services officers.
A woman who took the Confederate flag down Saturday morning from the South Carolina State House grounds was quickly arrested by Bureau of Protective Services officers.

The Confederate flag has been at the center of a debate in Columbia for the past week in the wake of the racially motivated massacre of nine African-Americans in a Charleston church.

Activists calling themselves “concerned citizens” said in a news release that they removed the flag about 5:30 a.m. Saturday. A woman identified by the group as “Bree” climbed the pole and pulled the flag down, the group said.

“Deciding to do what the SC Legislature has thus far neglected to do, the group took down the symbol of white supremacy that inspired the massacre, continued to fly at full mast in defiance of South Carolina’s grief, and flew in defiance of everyone working to actualize a more equitable Carolinian future,” the group said in a news release distributed to the media about 6:30 a.m.

The state Bureau of Protective Services confirmed it had arrested two people at the State House about 6:15 a.m. Those arrested were Brittany Ann Byuarim Newsome, a 30-year-old Raleigh resident, and James Ian Tyson, a 30-year-old Charlotte resident, the protective services bureau said.

They are charged with defacing state property, a misdemeanor that carries penalties of up to three years in prison or a fine of up to $5,000 or both.

Newsome was loudly reciting the 23rd Psalm as she was being arrested.

Newsome and Tyson were taken to Richland County’s Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, where a judge set a $3,000 bond for each of them and said they would be allowed to travel to North Carolina in the meantime before their trial date of July 27. Each posted bail immediately.

State Rep. Todd Rutherford, D-Richland, a Columbia attorney, is representing Newsome. After the bond hearing, Rutherford said Newsome “maintains her innocence on the charge.” Someone called him and asked him to represent Newsome, he said. Via:

Shaun King, a member of the manufactured  “grassroots” #BlackLivesMatter group has been pushing for this act of civil disobedience on Twitter. One moron went so far as to tweet a reward for anyone who would take the Confederate flag down from the SC Capitol Building. (He has since removed these tweets): shaun I


Shaun II

Anti-capitalist and third rate documentary maker, Michael Moore has offered to pay her bail via Twitter post: 


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