Last Wednesday, Gateway Pundit announced a prayer rally “Calling All Catholic and Christian Men and Their Allies” to a public prayer rally on Saturday at the historic St. Louis Statue in Forest Park. The announcement included details for a group rosary and invited all Christians.

As historic statues across the country suffer destruction and removal, it is with no surprise that the radical left wants the St. Louis statue removed.

Several priests attended the prayer rally at the statue on Saturday. One local priest was heckled and harassed while attempting to explain the history of St. Louis of France to a disgruntled mob of brainwashed liberals. The mob even threatened to rush St. Louis Cathedral next…

Local radical activists organized a counter-protest against the Christian prayer rally and smeared the gathering as a KKK rally. Several men, women, and children of varying denominations including local Christians, Catholics, and Jews came to the prayer rally, as reported by Gateway Pundit.

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Following the rally, at least three Christians were beaten by the leftist mob. One man in particular was targeted and beaten with a stick. Cop Watch STL, an anti-police, leftist Twitter page, openly admitted to beating three Christian men.

How far will the radical left go to terrorize Christian groups? Will protesters cry for the removal of the Statue of Liberty next?

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