Our good friend Dennis Michael Lynch has been working tirelessly to expose the truth about the illegal immigrant and refugee crisis that has exploded since Barack Hussein Obama took office. In this video with Dennis Michael Lynch and president of ACT, Brigitte Gabriel expose the truth about what these foreigners will do to our country… 

America is the most giving Country in the world. We have also taken in more refugees than any other Nation in the world. The reality is that we are over 19 trillion dollars in debt and owe over one trillion dollars to China. It’s time that we circle the wagons to pull our own bootstraps up before we take in 200,000 refugees. We CANNOT afford it and it’s our first duty to protect our citizens. There is a risk of terrorists coming in with those who’re in need. Look at the Netherlands and other Nations that have been taken over by the Muslims. Are we next or will you fight back? The America we know and love is at stake. It’s no joke and it’s important to reach out today to your Congressman. Do it today because sovereignty matters!

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