Republican Governor Larry Hogan waited for a call from leftist Democrat Mayor Rawlings-Blake. The call didn’t come until the city had reached a boiling point and had entered into a full blown riot. Why do the Republicans always have to be the adults in the room? And why are conservatives always left to figure out ways to clean up the messes made by the left?  

As Baltimore Burns the media begins the blame game. Last night pressing the Maryland Governor on why it took so long for the Maryland National Guard to be activated Governor Larry Hogan cuts right to the chase: “Within 30 seconds of receiving the call, I activated the National Guard”.

The delay stems from Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake refusing to ask for assistance, and refusing to return phone calls from the Governors office. Start watching the video at 09:00 to see delivery:

Governor Hogan is a Republican, Mayor Rawlings is a far-left liberal Democrat.

After Governor Hogan arrived in Baltimore, CNN pundit Don Lemon tried to pin the blame on him in an effort to protect the more liberal Mayor Rawlings from her own ineptitude. Again Governor Hogan was having none of it.

The liberal bias dripping from Don Lemon is ridiculous.

Via: The Conservative Treehouse

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