The Democrats are all trying to outdo each other with freebies. The problem is that the money for the freebies has to come from somewhere else…money doesn’t grow on trees but you wouldn’t know that with the outlandish proposals the Dems are coming up with:

Buying votes using your money has become the norm for the candidates running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.

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Bernie Sanders just proposed (see below) cancellation of all student debt and free college for all. He claimed that education is a right.

How insulting to those who worked hard to pay off college debt. The women below obviously don’t care about that and are dancing with excitement thinking about taking hard earned money from Americans and giving it away to pay off someone’s debt:

That feeling when you just introduced bold new proposals to and pass ! cc:

“We will make education a human right…” – Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is trying to break the bank again with more freebies.

Just last week he announced he would give free healthcare to illegals (see below) and now he says he wants to erase student debt:

Sen. Bernie Sanders details plan to cancel $1.6 trillion in student debt for everyone, saying the plan ends “the absurdity of sentencing an entire generation…to a lifetime of debt for the ‘crime’ of doing the right thing.”

Sanders is throwing anything at the voters to try and gain momentum but this move will probably tick off more people than help him gain supporters.

What about the people who paid off their student debt?

It’s no wonder that Sanders appeals to the 18-24-year-old voter.

No, Bernie, the money has to come from somewhere and that is from the taxpayers! Money doesn’t grow on trees!


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says that his healthcare plan will give free government healthcare to millions of illegal aliens at the expense of American taxpayers…

Host: “Would you include the 11 million undocumented immigrants in that?”

Sanders: “Absolutely”


Bernie’s supporters are between 18-24 years old so that explains it all.

Rainbows and Unicorns…


There’s something deeply disturbing about Bernie Sanders’ ‘Economic Bill of Rights’ proposal. In an appearance on Hannity, political commentator and historian Mark Levin points out that Sanders has “stolen his agenda from the 1936 Soviet Constitution.”

Red State reports on 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders’ speech about Democratic Socialism.

Sanders knows Americans view socialism in a bad light so he’s on a mission to sell socialism as the greatest thing since sliced bread…

Sanders devotes most of his speech to railing about the oligarchs and warning us about how dangerous Trump is, all the while positioning himself as the solution Americans have been searching for. He told supporters, “In 1944, FDR proposed an economic bill of rights but died a year later and was never able to fulfill that vision.” Sanders then presented himself as a modern-day FDR and said he hopes to complete the work which FDR began.

Plagiarizer Sanders introduces  “a 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights”…taken directly from STALIN

Yes, Bernie Sanders really just said Americans would be “delighted” to pay more in taxes? He’s not kidding…

The Democratic Socialist wants freebies for everyone and he wants YOU to pay for them.

He wants free college, healthcare and a $15 minimum wage.

Just like any socialist, he just wants to raise taxes thinking it will pay for the billions it would cost for the freebies he wants. He’s wrong!

Bernie Sanders on paying for socialism:

“People in this country would be delighted to pay more in taxes.”

It makes sense that Bernie is most popular with the 18-24 year-olds.

A recent response by Jeffrey Folks to the socialist comparison of  the 20’s Depression to 2019:

 “This comparison is commonplace among progressives, who seem to think that the mere mention of “late 1920s” is enough to stampede the public into demanding progressive government interventions.  In this case, it amounts to extortion: share the wealth, or we’ll have another Great Depression.”

Folks is correct about his solution for income inequality and it isn’t raising taxes:

“There is a solution to income inequality, but it is not income redistribution.  The solution is for young people to be told they must work hard to achieve a more equal income.  Pretending government can ensure income equality by “more widely distributing” income is not merely a lie — it is complicity in spoiling the chances of millions of young people just starting out in life.”

The rainbows and unicorns crowd believes all you need to do is throw more money at a problem. That’s not how the real world works.

Here’s to hoping that the young people come to their senses before the 2020 election.

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