Rep. John Ratcliffe is always able to cut through the lies the Dems throw out.

Today was no exception with Ratcliffe’s statement before the House Intel committee. It was fantastic!

Ratcliffe gets to the heart of the fact that the whistleblower’s information was second and third-hand information!

He goes on to say other sources are the “mainstream media” much like the Steele Dossier that was third-hand media information.

Ratcliffe also points out an important footnote that the whistleblower admits he doesn’t know the extent to which Giuliani or Barr are involved in this. Ratcliffe then says AG Barr confirmed there was no involvement.

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Ratcliffe says the best evidence is the transcript.

Ratcliffe then challenges Democrats to impeach Trump…”Be my guest.”

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This is another example of Democrats bringing charges against Trump and then failing when the facts come out.

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