Rep. Matt Gaetz brought out more of the obvious bias from Mueller and Mueller’s team on the Trump investigation.

Mueller has repeatedly said “it’s not my purview” to avoid answering questions from Republicans. This has backfired in a big way because it has allowed Republicans to give strong statements about the bias from the Mueller investigation.

Rep. Matt Gaetz brings up the Steele dossier in the exchange below:

Gaetz: “Can you state with confidence the Steele dossier was not part of Russia’s disinformation campaign?”

Mueller: “With regard to Steele…that’s beyond my purview.”

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Gaetz: “It’s exactly your purview! The organizing principle was to fully investigate Russia’s interference!”

Gaetz: On the week of June 9, who did Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya meet with more often: the Trump campaign or the head of the firm that used Clinton campaign cash to hire Steele?

Mueller: Can’t answer.

Gaetz: Did Steele lie?

Mueller: Not my purview.

The best comment by Gaetz:

When people associated with Trump lied, you threw the book at them.

When Christopher Steele lied, nothing.

When Glenn Simpson met with Russians, nothing.

When the Trump campaign met with Russians, 3,500 words.


One key point related to the Steele dossier: Mueller claimed to be clueless about Fusion GPS but it’s in his report:


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