Rep. Rashida Tlaib should speak with Bernie Sanders about how he had to give his campaign workers $15 an hour, but he had to cut back on their hours to do so.

Let’s face it; hypocrisy defines the Democrats. It’s perfectly fine for them to demand something like Medicare for All, but they will end up making the working class pay for it!

They preach a higher minimum wage but don’t think about the consequences to small businesses that are forced to give $15 an hour. Those businesses will have to hire less and will have to raise prices for consumers. This is a killer for small businesses.

Well, Rashida Tlaib just upped the ante and claimed that it’s a $20 minimum wage that workers need now:

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Of course, this is just pandering by Tlaib who is in her neck of the woods for the NAACP Convention in Detroit.

The hypocrisy of Democrats knows no shame…it’s pathetic.

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