Restaurant owners are beyond fed up with the insanity of staying closed. The restaurant owner below had been given a citation by two health department goons.  The confronatation between the unsympathetic health department officials and the restaurant owner is sickening.

Lisa Boothe comments below the video that this makes her blood boil. She’s so right. The targeting of small businesses during the coronavirus lockdowns is devastating. While Walmart is packed to the max, people like this man are shut down?

“Are you going to pay my rent ? says owner Anton Van Happen of ‘Nick The Greek’ to public health inspectors issuing him a citation for staying open after being issued a closure order. Things got tense

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Ventura, California is the location of the Nick the Greek restaurant:

Dave Rubin got the restaurant number (see below) and is ordering food. He’s offered to have the owner on his show too.


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