White House reporter for Playboy Magazine and CNN analyst, Brian Karem has had his White House press credentials suspended over an altercation that took place on July 11, in the Rose Garden during a Social Media Summit with President Trump.

On July 11, President Trump invited a group of conservative journalists to the White House to discuss the crisis of censorship by tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Immediately following the event, Brian Karem, the loudmouth reporter for Playboy Magazine and CNN contributor taunted the members of the media from the behind where the invited journalists were seated.

In a bizarre exchange, the Playboy reporter, Brian Karem can be heard calling out the journalists at the event from behind the area where they were seated. “These are a group of people who are eager for demonic possession,” Karem yelled.  Sebastian Gorka, a strong ally of conservative media, responded to Karem by mocking him, “And you’re a journalist…right?” Karem taunted Gorka, and appeared to be challenging him to engage in a physical altercation, “Hey, come on over here and talk to me, brother—we can go outside and have a long conversation.” Gorka responded to his threat, asking, “You’re threatening me now, in the White House—in the Rose Garden?” Gorka admonished Karem for his thuggish behavior, telling him, “You are a punk. You’re not a journalist, you’re a punk,” as he walked away in disgust of the low-life “reporter.”

The deputy director of communications for the Trump campaign, Matt Wolking, posted the exchange on his Twitter, saying, “It’s been obvious for a long time that many members of the media hate Americans who support the president. This guy isn’t smart enough to hide it well.

Also not being reported by the mainstream media, is the report by Gorka that Karem called President Trump, “that f*cking moron,” for refusing to acknowledge his question that he shouted out.

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Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit, was in attendance at the social media summit when the scuffle broke out between Gorka and Karem reported about the event. Hoft claims that according to Gorka, who attended the social media summit as an invited guest, Karem called Trump “that f*cking moron,” after the President ignored Karem while loudly yelling to the President, asking him if he would take questions from the press? It was that profane outburst, spoken in a low voice by Karem not heard on the videos but loud enough to be heard by the social media summit guests, that led to the back and forth between Gorka and Karem caught on video.

According to The Hill – Playboy said late Friday that it would appeal a White House decision to suspend reporter Brian Karem’s press pass after he said he was suspended for 30 days, with the magazine suggesting the move violated the First Amendment.

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Karem, who covers the White House for the magazine and is also a CNN contributor, tweeted Friday that he had received an email that his press pass used to enter the White House grounds would be suspended for 30 days starting Monday.

“I can and will appeal this decision,” he followed up later in the day.

Karem said the suspension stems from a heated exchange he had with former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka in the Rose Garden last month. 

The White House said that Karem “failed to abide by basic norms of decorum and order” during the event, Karem told The Washington Post, adding that Karem had been rude to “a guest of the president.”

We’re all for freedom of speech and freedom of the press but should the awesome privilege of reporting from the White House also come with behaving appropriately? Shouldn’t a responsible journalist leave their hatred at the door for anyone who doesn’t agree with their personal views on politics? Should journalists who are given a coveted White House pass to cover the President behave with at least a basic level of decency? Would we let our own children behave like this in public?

Tell us what you think about Karem’s behavior at the White House Social Media Summit? Was the White House correct to suspend his White House press pass? Should his pass be restored? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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