Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and other Democrats, including Joe Biden (see video below), have said that the Democrats plan on “transforming” America if they win the White House back.

During a virtual address to a meeting of the Democratic National Committee Youth Council, Sanders said that “when Joe Biden is elected president… we can begin the process of transforming” the country.

The transformation these two career politicians are talking about is a move toward Socialism that would destroy America.

The policies that these politicians promote are all huge government giveaways, including giveaways for people who aren’t American citizens.

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Biden vowed to “transform” the United States of America over the 4th of July Holiday Weekend, saying his administration will more than simply “rebuild this nation” should he win the White House. “We’re going to beat Donald Trump. And when we do, we won’t just rebuild this nation — we’ll transform it,” said Biden on social media.

American patriots and conservatives alike were quick to call out Biden on Twitter.

Robby Starbuck replied, “The people doing the transforming if you were president are violent marxists who you’d bend your knee to at every turn. We don’t want your transformation Joe.” @robbystarbuck

“Obama said the same thing in 2008, you don’t get a do-over because you failed after 8 years,” said Jillian Anderson. @Jillie_Alexis

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Jenna Ellis tweeted, “Transform = destroy.”

Sean Hannity, the conservative Fox News host, took to Twitter to call out Biden’s half thought-out statement.

America has already witnessed the transformation Babbling Joe speaks of….the destruction of major US cities, Christians being beaten and persecuted by violent BLM rioters, and the defacing and removal of historic statues. Biden’s “transformation” is the last thing the American people need!


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