During an interview with Sean Hannity, Senator Lindsey Graham ripped Susan Rice apart!

She had called him a very disparaging name twice during an interview with former Obama administration official Ben Rhodes.

Graham responded with a list of her failures during her tenure in the Obama administration at about the 1-minute mark at the second video below:

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Graham also tweeted out the list of Rice’s failures:

Susan Rice was a walking, talking national security disaster.

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Her “Greatest Hits”:

Benghazi Debacle
Iran Nuclear Deal
Iraq Withdrawal/Creation of ISIS
Syria Red Line
Rwanda Genocide

If she agreed with me, I would wonder what I did wrong!

Wow! The former Obama administration thugs are coming out of the woodwork with anti-Trump podcasts and anti-Trump movies. They must be scared.

What is Obama’s former deputy national security advisor, Ben Rhodes, doing hosting a show called ‘Pod Save The World’? And what is he doing interviewing Susan Rice when he could probably answer all her questions! They both worked in the Obama White House! This is pure propaganda!

Rhodes remarked about Benghazi during an interview of Rice on ‘Pod Save The World.’ Rhodes said, “You have to understand Benghazi to understand Trump.”  

That lead to a nasty response from yet another former Obama advisor! Yes, a third former adviser in the Obama administration is on the show! No bias here, right?

Tommy Victor responded to Rhodes by saying, “Right, because Lindsey Graham isn’t just a piece of shit now…”

And then Rice interrupted with:

“He’s been a piece of shit. He’s a piece of shit.”

Susan Rice goes low and shows just how classless she has always been. She shouldn’t even think of breathing a word about Benghazi. She went on five morning shows after Benghazi and LIED about what happened there to four Americans who died. She should be hanging her head in shame.

Rice has a track record of lying for Obama:

Well, well, well…What Susan Rice did “right before she lost her job” could be the one thing that leads us to the head of the snake. Obama and Rice implicated themselves in a memo that Rice wrote to herself right before the inauguration. Several pundits are calling out Obama on this…

“Why would she make that kind of claim about the president and his instructions that they follow standard procedure when now all the evidence suggests that standard procedures were not followed in this case… It goes to the question to the extent to which the past administration was aware of the Russia intelligence investigation that was being run by the FBI. Remember, this was an investigation that was so closely held that it was not briefed to the senior congressional leadership gang of eight.”




“This is probably an effort by Susan Rice to reconstruct history to make Barack Obama appear as though he was ignorant of the fray fomented by his administration to undermine the incoming president.”

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