Senator Elizabeth Warren could become the nominee for Democrats in the 2020 presidential election so here’s what to expect from her:

During the Democratic debate last night she read from a list probably made from assistants of all things racist under President Trump. We agree with Jim Hanson that she sounds like a “lunatic” with the long list of things deemed racist. If everything is racist, nothing is racist!

Senator Warren wins the Everything is Racist category With this bilge

We live in a country where the President is advancing

Environmental racism

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Economic racism

Criminal Justice racism &

Healthcare racism

Never go full pander

You sound like a lunatic

Warren also refuses to say whether she’ll raise taxes on the middle class to provide Medicare for all:

Senator Elizabeth Warren refused to answer Jake Tapper about whether she’d raise taxes on the middle class to enable Medicare for all to be put in place.

She got into a back and forth during the debate last night but dramatically dodged the answer to talk about a needy patient.

It was a lecture without an answer…Nice try.

Warren always sounds like she’s yelling but she uses this technique to keep the topic on what she’s talking about without answering the question. Jake Tapper tried repeatedly to get her to answer but she quickly changed the subject.

She refused to answer after the debate too:


Bernie Sanders recently reluctantly said he would have to raise middle-class taxes for Medicare for all:

Jake Tapper asked Bernie Sanders about whether ‘Medicare for all’ will be free or will the middle class be taxed.

Sanders stuttered a little and then said under his breath that taxes will be necessary: “We’ll have to do that.”

Noooo! Didn’t they tell everyone it would be FREE?

Yes, taxes will go up in order for everyone to have Medicare for all so money doesn’t grow on trees.

While Democrats want the voters to think that they will magically receive free healthcare or college, the reality is that none of these things will be free to Americans. It’s hard to believe that there really are people who believe what Sanders is telling them.


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