Senator Bernie Sanders is campaigning for Joe Biden and spilling the beans on the radical agenda that Biden will adopt if he’s elected. Sanders and Biden have released a joint plan (see below) that Mark Levin said is like the “Communist Manifesto.”

This should frighten every American who is against socialism. The entire plan uses the coronavirus pandemic to push socialist policies in healthcare, education, and the economy.

To get Americans to accept the far-left plan, Sanders and Biden need to lie and paint a bleak picture to the American people about the current economy. They also need to push class warfare, a typical move by Democrats.

The entire video below is enlightening…and NOT in a good way.

At one point, Sanders tries to push the lie that our economy has been terrible for the past four years:

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“Let us be very clear despite what you may have heard over the past four years, the economy has not been very good for the working class of this country.”

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Mark Levin is warning Americans about what’s happening and what’s going to happen to America if Joe Biden wins in November. In the video below, he goes through the comments by Bernie Sanders to explain what his underlying message is to his radical supporters.

In the second video below, Levin lists the radical policies in the Biden/Sanders plan that he says reads like the Communist Manifesto.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden in his DNC speech, but his message to his supporters (the rioters, BLM, Antifa = the radicals!) was very clear. Mark Levin translates, explaining that Bernie REALLY intends to take over the executive branch.

Mark Levin warns America about the Biden/Sanders plan:

The plan from Biden/Sanders would forever change America. Vote RED.

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