The video below has to be saved for a highlight reel of all of the people who have rolled their eyes while Joe Biden is trying to complete a thought. Not to make light of his dementia, but he has no business running for president if he can’t complete a thought.

Senator Elizabeth Warren appears to roll her eyes and give a side glance during Biden’s commentary. He garbles and gets confused during his on-screen chat. Warren goes along with the plan…

Senators Warren and Sanders stepped aside so Joe Biden could take the nomination. Sanders is now pushing his far-left agenda on Biden, and Warren just might be thinking, “pick me” for VP.

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As much as Democrats want to just push Biden into office in 2020, Americans are getting the same vibe they got when Hillary ran in 2016. It’s his turn! Just like Hillary, Biden is a puppet of the elitist Democrats, and they are doing everything they can to cover for his obvious cognitive disabilities. That means there may be no DNC convention, no debates with Trump, and voter fraud-filled mail-in voting.

James Woods tweeted out a timely reminder in April to anyone even remotely considering voting for Biden:

“Vote however you wish, but know that if you elect Joe Biden, you are actually electing his vice-presidential choice.”

“This video makes that as clear as a bell.”

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