“A bunch of thugs, a bunch of creeps, criminals, race hustlers  with a scattering of law abiding people converged in this area and ripped the town up again.” 

“I would’ve like to think this phony (#BlackLivesMatter) Movement Would’ve Come Back To Apologize To The Good Law-Abiding People Of Ferguson, MO, but instead, we get this whole phony movement.”

“In the first round there was an over-reliance by the police on avoiding confrontation. Look, the police are not looking for confrontation, but if someone’s gonna bring the fight, then they have to respond quickly. If there’s looting, if there’s gun fire like last night, if there’s rioting, if there’s other sort of criminal behavior, law enforcement needs to use the resources they have.  Respond quickly and crush it. And give the impression to these individuals  that this stuff is not gonna stand.” 

“They’re (the left) gonna keep this thing going and it’s an unfortunate thing. Because look, this isn’t Selma, Alabama this isn’t Montgomery, it isn’t the civl rights movement. Mike Brown was engaged in felonious conduct.This is a slap in the face to people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. They oughta go back and study Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I don’t remember gun fire and rioting breaking out at a protest that he held.” 

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