On March 22, the results of the March 7th election in Bolivia were announced. According to their results, 7 of 10 Socialist candidates won seats in subnational governments. Are citizens of Bolivia really voting for Socialism, or is someone else deciding who they vote for?

For decades, the elections in Bolivia, like other South and Central American countries, have been marred by election fraud. In November 2020, the United States of America joined the ranks of these countries run by criminals, as millions of Americans don’t believe the election results, and still think the election was stolen.

After many Democrats and election officials denied that a white van pulled into the TCF Center in Detroit and made an early morning drop of tens of thousands of ballots, Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit PAID the TCF Center to obtain their security footage from November 5, 2020. The video footage clearly showed ballots being delivered in a back hallway and moved into the facility where the counting of absentee ballots had been stalled since President Trump took the lead in Michigan before midnight.

Here’s the video:

Now, a video has emerged of a van in Bolivia carrying presidential ballots that were allegedly intercepted by civilians. The video shows the ballots already marked with a vote for the MAS (Movement Towards Socialism) candidate, Luis Arce, who ultimately won the election.*

This AP photo shows Bolivia’s presidential ballot. In the video below, the ballots appear to all be marked for Luis Arce (Blue box).

Kung Foo posted the video on Twitter. He reminded everyone, “This same Leftist thuggery happened in Democrat-controlled cities across America in the dead of night. Mountains of video evidence and thousands of sworn affidavits, but no courts had the courage to review it🇺🇸”


*Kung Foo incorrectly claims the ballots were marked with a vote for Evo Morales, when in fact, they appear to be marked for MAS candidate Luis Arce, the winner of the election. The video is reportedly showing civilians intercepting a van filled with pre-marked ballots for Arce for the presidential election in October.

Advertisements for Bolivia’s Socialist candidate for president, Luis Arce.

AP- The presidential election in Bolivia was held in October 2020. On October 18, Luis Arce, Bolivia’s former Economics and Finance Minister, won the presidential election with 55% of the vote (BBC, 20 October 2020). As the MAS candidate, Arce’s victory meant that Bolivians chose to return Morales’ party to power after the 2019 crisis.

Is it too late for American elections? With late-night ballot drops at the TCF Center in Detroit and leaky urinals being used as an excuse to kick everyone out of the absentee ballot counting center in Atlanta and GOP poll challengers prevented by Democrats from witnesses the counting of absentee ballots in key swing states like PA, GA, and MI, why should any American trust our elections moving forward? Will GOP lead state legislatures have the courage to make the appropriate changes to stop the steal in 2022?


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