John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center does a great job in the video below utilizing clips from various TV shows to show the bias toward guns in Hollywood.

Lott begins, “Hollywood hates guns. Well, they like them in shoot-em-up movies. But as soon as it comes to a good civilian using a gun for self-defense, Hollywood turns anti-gun. Hollywood constantly portrays people who hate guns.”

Lott continues, “In Hollywood, even Navy Seals warn against owning guns … the wise law enforcement experts constantly urge people not to use them.” A clip shows a law enforcement agent saying, In my experience, the problem with carrying a gun is that eventually, it will go off.”

Lott states, “But Hollywood gets this backwards. In real life, police strongly support civilians owning guns and carrying them for self-defense. A recent survey by the National Association of Chiefs of Police polled thousands of sheriffs and chiefs of police. 76% believe that qualified, law-abiding armed citizens help law enforcement reduce violent criminal activity. Detroit’s police chief  urges people to carry guns…”

John Lott is correct about Detroit Police Chief James Craig.  Craig made national headlines after he told The Detroit News in 2013 that he thought more armed citizens would help drive down the crime rate.

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Here’s a message for Hollywood hypocrites:

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