The plot thickens now that the U.S. has offered to help MEXICO catch El Chapo but they refused our help. Could it be that they don’t want him caught? This escape has brought to light the corruption in Mexican jails and law enforcement. An interesting twist in El Chapo’s escape is the assistance from an unlikely source…a bird!

Drug kingpin Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman may have been able to make his elaborate escape thanks to the help of a little birdie, it has emerged.
The billionaire Sinaloa cartel boss left a sparrow in the waste bin of his cell to test the air quality in the tunnel before flying the coop, reports have claimed.

Government officials are believed to have found it curled up asleep in the bottom of his bedside bin when they inspected the cell in Almoloya prison for clues as to his escape.
Investigating officers nicknamed the sparrow ‘Chapito’ and said it was the ‘signature of his flight’.

It is thought that the drug lord’s accomplices met him at the tunnel entrance and passed him the bird to place in his bin before he left.
This would explain why he walked back and forth so much from the shower before exiting.

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Via: UK Daily Mail

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