We live near the city of Detroit, and anyone could literally drive around for an entire week and see the very same sights as this amateur videographer took. The brilliance of this video is the narration by Detroit’s Democrat Mayor Duggan. He revisits the tired old “hope and change” that we all heard 8 years ago, only this time, Hillary’s going to fix it. There are no jobs in Detroit. The manufacturing has been shipped overseas. There is little hope in the city of Detroit, because every time the city gets a large infusion of cash, someone from the Democrat Party is there to mismanage the money or use it in ways it was never intended to be used. Of course, we in the suburbs continue to bail out the schools and bail out those who can’t (or won’t) pay their water bills.  Meanwhile, principals and anyone who has access to Detroit school funds are stealing the from money designated for the kids, while stories of corruption by city officials (all Democrats) barely get a blip in the local news.

Here’s the real “comeback city” our Democrat Mayor wants you to believe Hillary gives a damn about:


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