New York City’s radical leftist Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio jetted off to Hamburg, Germany, leaving New Yorker’s to deal with their issues, as he joined G-20 protesters who violently rioted, burned and looted the historic city lined with cobblestone streets and beautiful buildings. Not surprisingly, the media was silent about the Mayor of America’s largest city, who flew halfway around the world to join the violent, anti-capitalist protesters. The media’s focus was instead on Ivanka Trump, who temporarily sat in on a G20 meeting, while her father stepped out for a short period of time.

Videos showing anti-capitalist thugs breaking windows of businesses, burning cars, tearing down street signs and looting local stores have been circulating everywhere on the internet. The violent cowardly Antifa groups who are attempting to shut down free speech and threaten supporters of President Trump in America, were seen wearing masks to hide their identities as they ravaged businesses and threatened anyone who got in their way.

Watch G20 rioters loot a local store in this stunning video:

After several days of violent riots, fires in the streets and looting by anti-capitalist punks, citizens of Hamburg woke to find their streets and businesses looking like the aftermath of a war-zone. You won’t see the mainstream media covering the damage to the streets and businesses of Hamburg however, simply because it doesn’t fit their anti-Trump narrative.

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