Walk Away founder Brandon Straka held a successful rally in liberal Beverly Hills to drive home the point that Democrats are leaving their Party every day.

Our great friend Joy Villa was at the rally along with Brandon, who retweeted Joy’s tweet about what a great crowd of patriots gathered to #WalkAway from the Democrats:

What a TRIUMPH!!!! The #WalkAway Rescue America Rally, Los Angeles was ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!!
Thank you, Los Angeles, for showing up to RESCUE AMERICA!!!!

Joy Villa: A YUUUGE CROWD CAME OUT!! In Los Angeles?!? You bet!! The Silent Majority is silent no more!

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This is great news:

The silent majority showed up today at the #WalkAway rally. I never imagined I was gonna see that many patriots cheering for this country in the middle of Beverly Hills.

Scott Baio was at the rally in support of the #WalkAway campaign:

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