The European trip for Joe Biden has been a complete disaster for anyone who lives in the real world. As reported by Sky News Australia, it has only exposed Biden’s memory issues (see below). Of course, the American press is ignoring Biden’s glaring missteps.

Watch Sky News Australia report on Biden’s gaffes:

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Joe Biden’s staff probably “can’t wait” to get him home to bed in the White House as the president’s gaffes, stumbles, and confusion continue – but not before he has to face Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A bumbling Joe Biden repeated the debunked lie that his great-grandfather was a “coal miner” during his remarks at the United States-European Union summit today. He also got confused and lost his place in the notes he was reading from.

Notice how he gets sidetracked easily and then goes back and looks down at his notes with a blank stare:

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