The climate change activists and Democratic Socialists of America are ticking off commuters in DC this morning by blocking streets with the #ShutDownDC protest.

The big question has to be why the two organizations are pairing up to push their climate change agenda via the Green New Deal.

The answer is that the climate change agenda is all about socialism via climate change policies.

Just listen to Liz Warren, the new leader in polls for president, say that the Green New Deal is about “worker justice”:

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A big sign claiming “Capitalism is Killing the Planet” was displayed by the DSA.

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The plan is to shut down all busy intersections in DC:

The protesters are having a block party at the expense of workers just trying to get to work this morning:

Cars and trucks are trying to turn around because protesters are sitting in the street:

Misguided and unemployed young people might believe socialism is the way to go so they should move to Venezuela if they love it so much.

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