Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez admits that the Biden administration has “exceeded expectations” of a far-left agenda in the video below.

What she’s not saying about why the agenda has been coming at us in record time.

The third term of Obama only has until the election in 2022 to do everything they can to complete the far-left’s bucket list of radical policies. Jamming through everything they can while they have a majority in the House and Senate is the plan.

AOC and Bernie Sanders must be pinching themselves with disbelief that the Green New Deal is moving forward. The radical plan uses climate change to redistribute wealth, aka socialism.  It’s full of items that have nothing to do with climate but everything to do with “shared sacrifice.”

Listen to Senator Mazie Hirono admit that the Democrats don’t have time and need to push through bills as fast as possible: “We don’t have a lot of time…”


This is who puppet Biden listens to for his policies:

MSNBC interviewed Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2019 when she said  climate change resulted from “market failure.” She was defending her effort to push the ‘Green New Deal’  that failed by a Senate vote of 0-57.

“The one thing we can’t rebuke and cannot deny is that climate change is a problem of market failure in our economics. And moreover, ExxonMobil knew that climate change was real and man-made starting as far back as 1970. The entire United States government knew climate change was real and human-caused in 1989, the year I was born.”

“Forty years and three market solutions have not changed our position. This does not mean that we change our entire structure of government. But what it means is that we need to do something, something, and that is what this solution is about.”

She said that analysts wave a wand to decide costs:

Ocasio-Cortez on analysts estimating her Green New Deal will cost $93 trillion: “They wave this wand and they say, ‘oh, it’s going to cost a bazillion dollars,’ like they sound like Dr. Evil… you know, let’s just start. Now!”

Ocasio-Cortez on her $93 trillion Green New Deal: “This is not a partisan issue because frankly there are Democrats who will get in our way from saving ourselves too”

She’s just auditioning for her spot as an ‘analyst’ on MSNBC.

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