The Associated Press announced that the feds “awarded huge shelter contracts” to companies during the invasion of over 20k illegal kids crossing our southern border. What they buried in the article is what every American should be alarmed about:

“Since February, the government has awarded about $3 billion in contracts to house unaccompanied children, more than $2 billion of which were no-bid contracts awarded to three recipients: Rome, New York-based Deployed Resources LLC; Family Endeavors Inc. of San Antonio; and Rapid Deployment Inc., based in Mobile, Alabama.”

Yes, $3 billion in no-bid contracts to babysit unaccompanied minors who were incentivized by the Biden policies to flood our border. Besides the huge cost, the concern is that these companies aren’t prepared to handle these minors.

KVOA reports on one contract worth $100 million:

The Biden administration is lying and playing a shell game to move the illegal minors around before shipping them off to a “sponsor” or these housing facilities.

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The detention centers are overflowing, and even Democrats are alarmed at the shell game being played to flood the US with thousands of illegal alien children:

The Biden administration is claiming illegal alien minor numbers are decreasing, but this is NOT true.

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