During heated debate at a Loudoun County, Virginia school board meeting over the ‘transgender pronoun’ policy, 5th-grade teacher Laura Morris resigned.

Morris resigned after the school board forced her to sign a contract promising to tell them of other faculty who disagree with their leftist policies.

Fox News reports:

Ian Prior is a parent in the school district and has been active in calling out the far-left agenda in the Loudoun County school district. He tweeted out a video of Laura Morris speaking to the board:

Ian Prior spoke out this morning about Morris’ resignation:

Under this school transgender pronoun policy, faculty will be punished if they don’t comply with students’ preferred pronouns as early as kindergarten.

More video and a look at the policy from Justine Brooke Murray:

The school board has been over-the-top in trying to keep parents from speaking out against the transgender policy:

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