Disrupting people when they’re trying to have dinner came to an end when Ted Cruz protesters got all wet. Can we do that to the Black Lives Matter folks?

An Arkansas restauranteur thought some Ted Cruz protesters were all wet — then he made sure of it!

The Texas senator and Republican presidential hopeful was enjoying a meal with Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson in Little Rock last week when the loud group of protesters arrived.

“We wanted to make sure that [Cruz] heard from us,” protester Robert Nunn told ABC affiliate KATV.

They made sure a lot of people heard them. Including a guy who dumped a bucket of water right down on them.
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“I looked up and I saw, it was clearly one of the employees, he had a white jacket on and he had a bucket and I was like, ‘Hmm, what’s going on with that?’” Nunn told reporters. “And before I knew what happened, he had dumped it.”

Via: BPR

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