Charlie Nicole tweeted out a video sent to her by a very upset parent who had taken a video of the group of teens she was with being verbally abused by a BLM thug who took MAGA hats from the kids and threw them over a wall.

The man uses racial slurs calling the people “Crackers” and follows them until they decide to turn around. The teens say nothing back to the man and just keep walking.

While the news media keeps pushing the propaganda that President Trump is dividing America, it’s clear that the left is doing the dividing. They are burning the flag, stirring up violence and chaos, segregating Americans by politics, and pushing for an overthrow of our system by calling for revolution.

The Associated Press’ July 4th headline claims President Trump is dividing Americans. CNBC predictably also claimed the president is dividing Americans. See a theme here?

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PSA: If your America loving teen wants to go on a youth trip to DC TODAY to visit the White House, this will happen to them. The EMOTIONAL mother of this boy sent me this video just this am!

Cussed at & accosted for their Trump hats which then were taken and thrown over a wall…

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The hate for anyone who wears a MAGA hat is unbelievable.

Listen to the leader who helped burn an American flag on July 4th. This could be the same agitator from the video above, but it cannot be confirmed.

“We need a revolution in order to overthrow this system and bring a whole new communist world into being.”

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