Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw took to the House floor to destroy Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats. It’s a speech every American should hear.

“This was never about what was best for the American people, never about honest policy disagreement, it was about preventing President Trump getting any credit. It’s about politics.”


Key Democrats are coming out to say they kept coronavirus relief funds from approval because of the 2020 election. Nancy Pelosi was the first to admit the heartless move, and then Bernie Sanders chimed in to say “that’s right” to the question of withholding funds. Now, Senator Durbin has just gone on the record to say he played politics with coronavirus relief:

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Bernie Sanders is also on record admitting to holding up funds: “That’s right.”

Nancy Pelosi was the first to admit she played politics with relief for millions of Americans. She said she supports the new stimulus bill because Biden won.

This is the definition of evil.

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