CNN President Jeff Zucker just joined Brian Stelter for an interview about the news biz. It’s a hoot and further solidifies what Project Veritas revealed in their undercover videos…Zucker is an arrogant political hack.

Watch below as Zucker is arrogant enough to call Fox News exactly what CNN REALLY is…”STATE RUN TV”

In the first video below, Zucker laughably claims CNN is “pro-truth”:

 “We don’t set out to be anti-Trump,” we’re just “pro-truth.”

It’s in the second video that Zucker says that Fox News is “not a news organization,” it’s “state-run TV that’s morphed into conspiracy TV.”

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This is just a week after Zucker was caught on undercover video pushing fake news and impeachment coverage 24/7 because of a “vendetta” against President Trump.

There are too many fake news stories from CNN to name but we’ve picked out just a few:

The CIA Calls Out CNN’s “Simply False” Report Blaming Trump for Alleged Spy’s Removal from the Kremlin

CNN Edits Out Trump Accuser’s Key Comments About Rape [Video]

SCREENSHOT DURING BUSH FUNERAL OF CNN SUBTITLE Exposes Ridiculous Lies About President Trump

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