President Trump visited Ohio today for a huge campaign rally. During the rally, he brought up Big 10 football that came back after he pushed for it. President Trump said that “Sleepy Joe” claimed he didn’t want football, to which he said, “what the hell’s he talking about?” President Trump had a “very productive” call with the Big 10 commissioner on “immediately” resuming football. Of course, President Trump didn’t singlehandedly bring back football but it didn’t hurt that he pushed for it.

Before the trump Rally in Circleville, Ohio, President Trump’s caravan drove through a huge crowd of supporters lining the road:

“It’s great to be back in Ohio to celebrate the return of Big 10 football!”

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The left is trying to discount President Trump’s effort to get football going again. The fact-checkers have been coming out to try and denounce the president for saying he helped bring back football.

According to President Trump’s good friend and football legend Herschel Walker, the president “called the commissioner and told him how they could get back to football. Then called some players and parents”

In September, Politico said that the return of the Big 10 was a “Trump-backed turnaround”, but since then there has been a big effort to discount the fact that President Trump pushed for football to return.

Politico reported:

“Wednesday’s revival delivers a victory for President Donald Trump, who has demanded sports resume in an athletic conference that represents several swing states ahead of Election Day. The president has even intervened with calls to the Big Ten’s commissioner. Conference presidents and chancellors voted unanimously to resume the football season starting the weekend of Oct. 23. Now the president is setting his sights on the western United States and the Pac-12 Conference, the last major college sports organization to hold out of playing a fall season.”

Because the left cannot give President Trump credit for anything, they refuse to give him credit for helping to bring back football.

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