Love him or hate him…Trump’s speaking up and saying the things conservatives in America have been dying for someone in the Republican party to say. Republicans just want a presidential candidate with a backbone. Is that too much to ask for? 

Trump Cooper

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took a jab at CNN anchor Anderson Cooper during an interview that aired Wednesday, telling him bluntly, “The people don’t trust you.”

Trump grew visibly irritated after Cooper cited a poll that the Republican said he “didn’t even know existed.” He also accused the anchor of focusing only on the “negative.”

“I am leading across the board, and then you hit me with this poll that I didn’t even see before,” Trump said. “Let me tell you, the people don’t trust you and the people don’t trust the media.”

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“Or politicians,” Cooper replied.

Trump argued he was previously covered “accurately” by the media before he got into politics and stories about him were mostly related to finance and business. Those days are over, he said.

“I find that 60-70 percent of the political media is really, really dishonest,” he said. Via: Blaze

h/t mediaite

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