Ouch! Tucker Carlson went after ‘pollster’ Frank Luntz tonight in an epic takedown that exposed Luntz for being a shill for the left.

Carlson began by saying that Luntz advises Republicans on “what to say” but is a leftist and an anti-Trumper who is no Republican.

Tucker gives example after example of Luntz trying to shape opinion using a poll from a few people he questioned. Luntz tries to say that he knows what Republicans want in cleverly worded interviews. He’s been at this game for decades, so he knows how the game works.

The people like Luntz are the sickening profiteers in politics who remind us of snake oil salesman.

Watch below as Tucker doesn’t hold back in his complete exposure of Luntz:

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Do you think this was a fair assessment of Luntz?

Ned Ryun spoke with Tucker Carlson about Luntz and changes that must be made in the Republican Party :

In mid-January of this year, Luntz was forced to admit that over 91% of Trump voters would vote for President Trump again:


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