The latest from Tucker Carlson is a classic. Carlson delivered brutal mocking commentary targeting woke liberals for defending the Columbus teen who was killed by police after wielding a knife at another person. He calls attention to just how outrageous their comments defending the violence are and how desperate they are to insert racism into this case when the life of another black teen was saved because of the police.

“Knife fights are human rights. Stabbing can finally come out of the closet… The right to stab has been restored.”

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His commentary exposes the effort by the leftist media to make the incident into something completely normal that teens do all the time.


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Security video from the neighbor’s house right across the street from teen Ma’khia Bryant’s house has been released. The video gives a completely different vantage point on what happened when an enraged teen with a knife tried to stab people on the scene.

After the incident where a police officer shot the teen who later died at the hospital, neighbor Donovon Brinson (pictured below) retrieved the short security video that is from a camera mounted on his garage across the street from Bryant’s house. He gave the video to the police and said he believes more people could have died if the cop hadn’t shot Bryant.

The video shows a police car pull up outside the home as Bryant could be seen walking down the driveway when she charges at one of the people standing in the driveway. Bryant is seen holding a knife and then charges at two other women

.Brinson bravely appeared on Fox News to tell his story and said of the police officer who shot Bryant, “He only had seconds to respond from my point of view.”

The short video is below:

Other neighbors have also come forward to support the necessity to shoot Bryant, who was enraged and armed with a large knife.

Yahoo News reports Ira Graham III (pictured below), another neighbor, said he heard the gunshots Tuesday afternoon and saw cop cars driving down the street. After viewing the police video, Graham commented, “I believe in truth and facts. Video doesn’t lie,” he said. “She was in full attack mode.”

Graham said of the female dressed in pink that the woman “was literally aiming a knife at this young lady.”

“She needed to be stopped at that point. That young lady’s life was at stake,” Graham said.

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