Tucker Carlson delivers a fantastic overview of some of the most egregious things that James Comey did to try and harm President Trump.

It’s frightening to think that a delusional Comey was in charge of the FBI and got no punishment for the things he did.

“It is all a lie.”

Comey’s response to the IG report was to gloat and point the finger at everyone but himself:

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FOX Business News Anchor Ashley Webster reports in the video below on the response from Jim Comey to the Department of Justice Inspector General’s Report clearing him of prosecution.

Comey didn’t take long to respond to the news of no prosecution for his offenses. He tweeted out a few times to point the finger at those who said he would be brought to justice. As it turns out, there is a two-tier justice system that wouldn’t allow prosecution of Comey even though he lied repeatedly.

Tim Young tweeted what everyone is thinking:

How is it that there are certain people that no matter what they do, they are never penalized?

The bravado in the two tweets below certainly comes through. This man has no shame.

It’s hard to believe that even though the IG report says that Comey violated FBI policies, he won’t be prosecuted.

The fact is that there was not “bad info” but video and further evidence of the lies that Comey told.

Webster comments below on the response from Comey:

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