White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham was on Fox & Friends and spoke about the meeting that Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders had with President Trump. It’s interesting that Grisham’s account sounds like an honest assessment of what really happened when Pelosi stormed out of the meeting. Grisham knows it was all planned…

“I’ll tell you what. I was in that meeting. The president walked in. He greeted everybody, as he does, and Speaker Pelosi started out the meeting…it was actually quite bizarre.”

“She had no intention of sitting there.”

“We had military people. We had people there to brief them. And she was not going to listen.”

“She got up. She stormed out. Her focus was getting to the cameras.”

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“It was funny to watch Schumer chase after her. I think he was a little worried that if he didn’t leave with her, that she would get angry with him.”

The president was measured. He stayed behind and he worked with the Democrats who actually remained behind, too. And we continued the briefing, and that was it. Again, this president has work to do. We’re not going to be swayed by all of the Dems and the theater that they continue to perform every day.”

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The discussion about the meeting begins about the 3:20 point:

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