The Democrats lost their cool during a proposed ban on transgender girls participating on female sports teams. Listen to the childish banging going on during Ohio Rep. Jena Powell’s comments.

Ohio Rep. Jena Powell offers an amendment to add a bill banning transgender girls from female sports teams to the name, image, likeness bill. A wild moment in the House, with Democrats pounding on desks and yelling “point of order.”

The Save Women’s Sports Act (SB187) would require schools in the state of Ohio to designate “separate single-sex teams and sports for each sex.”

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One Democratic state Rep. claimed it is an attack on transgender people: “This is one of the most extreme political attacks on transgender people in the nation.”

Rep. Powell pointed out that allowing transgender people to participate in female sports teams harms female athletes.

RINO Ohio Governor Mike De Wine objects to the bill saying it should be addressed outside of government:

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