Is everyone else thinking what I’m thinking? Two words come to mind on this one: concealed carry…A Stroudsburg, Pa., woman suffered a broken eye socket and bruises during the attack, which took place in a local movie theater of all places. And why did the group of teen girls allegedly pounce on victim Cindy Santamaria-Williams? She tells WNEP-TV, which broke the story, that she ‘shushed’ them for being “loud and cursing.”

Worse, the attack didn’t occur during the heat of the moment inside the theater. The woman tells WNEP that the girls jumped her after the film let out.
“They immediately jumped on me and knocked me to the ground, punched me in the face,” she said, adding that the original girls were waiting with five other teens.
She tells WNEP that she hopes someone will come forward to help police catch the young suspects:
“They were in my face. Their face is in my head. If I see them again or in a line up, I know exactly who they are,” Santamaria-Williams said. Stroud Area Regional Police Chief William Parrish says authorities are looking at video from the mall.

Via: wnep

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