More and more incidents like the ones below are happening on flights these days. Flight attendants have become bouncers and bodyguards.

Several frightening incidents have happened in the past few days calling attention to the important job of security that flight attendants handle every flight.

One incident reported by Daily Mail: On Thursday, passengers on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Miami were asked to keep their hands on their heads and warned not to film due to a ‘security threat.’

One passenger said law enforcement came on the flight with machine guns to arrest the unruly passenger. A passenger who claims they sat near the unruly passenger called the experience the ‘scariest moment of my life.’


According to one passenger, in a second incident that happened on July 6th,  all 5 flight attendants had to restrain one person!

A woman reportedly trying to leave the American Airlines flight from Dallas Forth Worth to Charlotte, NC midair had to be taped to the airplane seat until the plane could land. Her mouth was also taped. The flight crew had to do whatever they could to keep the passengers safe, but some asked if this was over the top. According to the airline, the woman was physically aggressive while trying to open the plane door.

A representative for American Airlines reported:

“While in flight from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to Charlotte (CLT) on July 6, the crew onboard American Airlines flight 1774 reported a potential security concern after a customer attempted to open the forward boarding door and physically assaulted, bit, and caused injury to a flight attendant. For the safety and security of other customers and our crew, the individual was restrained until the flight landed at CLT and could be met by law enforcement and emergency personnel.”

After the plane landed safely, a video taken by a passenger deplaning shows the woman yelling even though there is tape over her mouth.


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She was taken to a hospital and is on AA’s no-fly list.

Thank goodness for flight attendants!

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