VIDEO: WTF is a digital Adjudication Function? Can it be used to steal an election? Take 5 minutes, see with your own eyes, make up your own mind.

Watch as an alleged Coffee County, GA election employee demonstrates how trivial it is to use a voting machine’s digital ‘adjudication’ function to:

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For those not on Twitter, the full video can also be found, here:

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According to the video, here are some things you can do using just the ballot adjudication feature at the click of a button:


-Change votes digitally on a single ballot.

-Change entire vote batch results in bulk.

-Allow fraudulent or otherwise invalid ballot to count for whomever you’d like.

-Cast blank ballots for whomever you would like.

-Easily scan batches, whether valid or invalid, multiple times without incident of surveillance of any kind.

-Operate in complete secrecy if no one is allowed within 6 feet of you to monitor what you are doing, or if no one understands the abilities of the software.

-Leave no digital trail back to the user because no data is saved linking his actions to his crimes.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


If these machines are attached to the Internet or allowed to be compromised with illicit software, the machines can allegedly EASILY be controlled and manipulated without any knowledge of even the machine’s own operator via a remote attack that could change votes from anywhere in the world, using such features and bulk or single adjudication or Rank Choice Voting set to operate according to a specific algorithm that favored one candidate over another. At that point, stealing an election would be a simple mathematical issue that is programmed into a code by any actor, foreign or domestic.

Many witnesses, including experts speaking on behalf of work done by entire cyber security and IT firms, testified to seeing that these machines were attached to the Internet.  Others said that false physical ballots were tabulated and re-tabulated by the tens of thousands.  In addition, several analysts showed that Rank Choice Voting and bulk adjudication are the only possible explanations for countless anomalies in this election that are all very similar in all the battleground states.


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