The media has been flooding Americans with a clip from an interview with Fox News political hack Chris Wallace where President Trump says Joe Biden called for the defunding of police. The clip will be played over and over this weekend to try and make President Trump look as bad as possible.

CNN even claimed recently that a Biden comment was omitted from the video below, where Biden clearly says that police funds should “absolutely” be redirected.  Why would Now This omit one sentence in this video? Is CNN covering for Biden by making this far-fetched claim?

CNN claims this was omitted: “Biden explicitly told Barkan that he opposes defunding or abolishing the police; this comment was omitted from the video.”

Even though the Biden campaign said in June that they do not support defunding the police, Joe Biden agreed during the interview below that he would “redirect” police funding.


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Fox News reported on July 8th: During a recent interview with Now This, Joe Biden said that some funding should “absolutely” be redirected from police:

Barkan asked: “But do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?”

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Biden responded: “Yes, absolutely.”

Note the virtue signaling by Biden is off the charts during this interview.

The Democrats and the leftist media are scrambling to muddy the waters on what Biden said, but it’s in the video.

It’s no secret that the left would like to defund police as NYC Mayor de Blasio has done recently. They want to hide the agenda to get Biden elected. From what Biden said in the interview above,  it sure sounds like defunding or whatever they want to call it, will happen under a Biden administration.


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