Overnight, there was looting and destruction in the city of Minneapolis because a young black man was shot and killed during a traffic stop where he was evading arrest. Daunte Wright, 20, was wanted on a warrant when he attempted to flee by car. He was shot and drove a distance before crashing into others. The female police officer on the scene pulled out her gun instead of her taser when he tried to evade arrest: a terrible mistake and a tragedy but no malice.

The Minneapolis Police Department released the body cam footage quickly to show the arrest:

A GameStop store and many others were completely destroyed in the name of Black Lives Matter. This solves nothing but only destroys their own city.

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There is no indication that the destruction will end in the city that ignited riots across America last summer after George Floyd died during a traffic stop. The city was already on alert with the impending verdict in the trial of the police officer who was on scene during the arrest of Floyd.

Rioters attacked police officers, but one person got hit with a rubber bullet:

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Looting an O’Reilly’s auto store:

The young man who died after a police officer mistakenly pulled out her gun instead of her taser is seen in photos below:

Video has emerged from social media:

The young man attempted to evade arrest.

The lesson learned is not to resist arrest.

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