*Correction-the companion of the shooter’s sister was wounded in the shooting but was not killed as previously reported.

There are more questions than answers in the case of a mass shooting overnight in Dayton, Ohio.

Connor Betts, 24-years old of Bellbrook, Ohio was identified as the Oregon District shooter in Dayton who injured dozens of people and took nine innocent lives…including his sister’s life:

According to Daily Beast, Betts’ sister, Megan, 22, and an unidentified male “were found shot” near the mass shooting scene. Betts arrived in the Oregon District with his sister and her “companion,” before the shooting, police said. At some point, prior to the shooting, they separated. Betts’ sister was not the first victim of the shooting but was one of the initial victims. Police have not said if he was targeting his sister. *Her companion was wounded, but not killed, and has talked to police, authorities said.

Betts tried to get into a local bar in downtown Dayton, Ohio called Ned Peppers but was denied entry. He shot people on the sidewalk and in the street until police arrived approximately one minute later. He was shot and killed by responding police officers at the scene.

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Connor Betts deceased at the scene. Pictured below wearing heavy metal band hoodie.

Megan Betts pictured with Connor Betts below was killed by her brother who went on to kill eight others.

They are the only two children of Steve and Moira Betts.

The case now has an added domestic violence angle with the discovery of Betts’ sister found near the location of the shooting.

It has been confirmed by law enforcement that the suspect’s sister, Megan Betts, 22, was among one of the nine victims in last night’s shooting but details are still sketchy.

The identity of the boyfriend who was with Megan Betts, has not been released. This is developing and will be updated as we get new information.

Many questions remain, but prayers for the victims are needed.

Connor Betts and Megan Betts below:

Note that Connor’s vest has a patch that reads “Against all Gods,” and the red patch on the other side appears to be a Satanic Goat Head with the numbers 666 above:

Moira Betts posted this meme on her Facebook page. This propaganda has been pushed by the left since President Trump was elected.


A “very safe area” of downtown Dayton, Ohio was the scene of another mass shooting overnight. Earlier in the day, a mass shooting took place at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

USA Today reports the Dayton, Ohio shootings occurred at 1 a.m. EDT in the 400 block of East 5th Street where Ned Peppers bar is located.

The downtown area is known as the Oregon District and has many bars and restaurants. The shooter tried to get into the Ned Peppers but was stopped. Eyewitness, Anthony Reynolds describes what he saw:

Heavy.com published the live scanner traffic here.

Assistant police chief Matt Carper said in a press conference that at 1 a.m. there was an “active shooter situation in the Oregon District… we had one shooter that we are aware of and multiple victims. Right now, the shooter is deceased from gunshot wounds from the responding officers. We have nine victims deceased in addition to that, and we have approximately 16 more victims hospitalized right now in unknown conditions…This is a very tragic incident.”

“Downtown Dayton is a very safe area. This is unheard of and very sad. It’s a very tragic evening.”

Miami Valley Hospital received dozens of patients from the shooting.

Please pray for all of the victims in the two mass shootings yesterday.


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