NYC is out of control again tonight as looters hit anything in sight. Discount clothing store Zara was being ransacked until the cops arrived. Nothing says “Justice for George” like ransacking a bargain basement clothing store. This is pathetic.

The supervisor in the white shirt confronts the looters and is thrown violently to the ground. He gets up and fights back as other officers tackle the looters.

While de Blasio and Cuomo fiddle, NYC burns…

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“He wasn’t doin’ nothin'”- Bystander who saw nothing

Another video from last night in NYC is frightening. A police officer was attacked on the street:

Then there is the graphic (*warning) video of a hit and run of police officers in NYC:

A police officer is nearly killed with a brick so another officer pulls his gun. The focus via the media was the fact that the officer pulled his gun. The media forgot to tell the rest of the story about the brick.


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