Following the tragic shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot claims that Chicago has “systemic failures” that need to be addressed.  Like a good progressive foot soldier, she uses this single tragedy to blame guns, racism and, no doubt, push to take away more 2nd amendment freedoms as a result.

Yet, it is glaringly obvious that a sociopath like Lori Lightfoot (like Obama’s Rahm Emanuel before her) is the systemic failure.  She has been accelerating the collapse of Chicago into poverty, violence, and despair since 2019 when she took over the task.  And, when she mentions a “surge of outrage and pain” in her city, perhaps it is due to the surge in violent crimes and gang violence under her radical policies as Mayor.  Why isn’t she properly addressing that instead of defunding her police force and eliminating her gang database?  Where were her emotional press conferences for the hundreds of others who died last year as a result of her terrible policies that cause the lawlessness and gang violence around her city?  Why is she choosing to single out this one single event rather than solve the glaring problem of violent crime she–like all major progressive city leaders around the country–has induced in her city?  Is it because of political expedience and narrative building?  Take a look at some data and make a determination for yourself.


Surprise surprise: Both homicides and shootings were up a breathtaking 55% in 2020 in Chicago in 2020 from 495 to 769 and 2598 to 4033, respectively.  The numbers are staggering.  Only 7 officer-involved shooting deaths were reported for the entire year of 2020.  Yet, you heard nothing from the national media or Lori Lightfoot until today.

This is not a racism problem, or a police brutality problem, or a gun problem.

It is 100% a result of the intentional debasement of law and order, families, jobs, and mental health as well as skyrocketing gang violence.  And, it is all due to the city’s radical left-wing leaders who have embraced the crooked mentality of her Soros-funded D.A., Kim Foxx (friend to Jussie Smollett and the Obama’s) and Covid lockdowns.

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And it isn’t only Lori Lightfoot who is displaying a fantastic lack of leadership in these trying Chicago times.  The Chicago City Alderman, Jeanette Taylor of the 20th stated outright of the shooting of Adam Toledo that “You did not have to shoot that kid…And then y’all got the nerve to ask us for peace. When do Black and brown people get peace? When do I get to wake up and not worry about if my sons are next, or my daughters? When?”

Paradoxically, gangs like the one Ruben Roman and Adam Toledo were allegedly in (or perhaps being initiated) are the real crime problem in Chicago.  Most shootings of minorities are not by white people or police officers, but rather by gangs and other minorities.

Ruben Roman, the 21-year-old alleged accomplice of Adam Toledo who may have been grooming Adam for a gang

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There has been no due process or investigation into this shooting, yet.  So, why are these public officials weighing in on the incident?  Their job is to ensure due process of law and keep things calm, lawful, and orderly so constitutional justice can prevail.  Instead, they grandstand for political clout as 20 more people died in Chicago just last week to complete silence.  Much of this is likely a result of gang violence.

In this case, though, if people would wait for more evidence to emerge, they would know that the situation is much more complex than just the simplistic media narrative that is spoon-fed to them.

The death of Adam Toledo is a tragic one.  In a split second, his life was ended with a bullet from a police officer’s gun.  But it is also tragic that Adam, Ruben, Adam’s parents, Lori Lightfoot and Kim Foxx increase the probability that police will be placed in such lose-lose situations.  Why was this child hanging out with gangs and guns at 3AM?  Where were his parents and proper upbringing?  Why are there so many gangs and broken homes and so much violence in progressive strongholds like Chicago?

Adam Toledo is seen on camera minutes before his death allegedly participating in shooting 7 or 8 rounds at a passing vehicle and then fleeing the crime scene with another individual.  That individual is believed to be Ruben Roman.

Shooting at cars was an egregious act allegedly committed by the minor and his accomplice that got him in a foot chase with police in the first place.  It is also corroborated by the alleged gun-shot residue on his handsAdam was associated with a gang, according to Lori Lightfoot, and possibly earning street cred as a juvenile by shooting guns at cars or being the fall guy by taking the gun in the chase.  And, if this was a gang initiation and this boy was hanging around with an individual shooting at cars in the night, where are his parents?  Why aren’t they at fault for the behavior and death of their own son?

Police do not appear to have been stalking him because of his race or intending to kill him because they are simply brutal and savage.

Instead, the police were responding to an act of senseless violence committed by the alleged suspect and his accomplice.  In fact, there are “mountains” of evidence in the case that will either confirm or deny this narrative.  According to CBS 2 Chicago, there are 23 videos with 2 hours and 48 minutes of footage all related to the few minutes from the time this crime was committed to the time of the alleged criminal’s death.

Here is a video from CBS 2 Chicago which analyzes a short clip from just one of these videos, the police officer’s bodycam. CBS 2 reporters are actually doing their job, as opposed to throwing gasoline on a house fire, and have carefully examined videos to show the potential crime that was committed by Toledo and his older gangbanger friend.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo also shares a frame-by-frame analysis of the video that clearly shows something (a gun?) in the hand of Toledo a split second before he is shot by the police officer. In another image that was taken at the crime scene, a gun can be seen lying next to the fence where Toledo was shot. Is this the gun that appears to be in Toledo’s hand?

Here’s a close up of the 13-year-old who gangbangers in Chicago refer to as “Lil Homicide.”

Adam Toledo with what appears to be a gun in his hand (left) and begins to lift up the gun (center). The image on the left shows where the gun appears to have been dropped behind the fence (right).

In fact, CBS 2 has also provided video from a surveillance camera that appears to show the precise moment when Toledo tossed the gun to the ground behind the fence:

Here is a close up of the evidence-marked gun:

Gun allegedly tossed to the ground by Adam Toledo a split-second before he was shot

To her credit, just prior to the release of the bodycam video, Lightfoot also called for unequivocal “calm” and peace” upon the release of the video to hopefully stem the outcry from Chicagoans at the disintegration of law and order in their city due to the leadership of Kim Foxx and Lori Lightfoot:

Too bad nobody in Chicago trusts you anymore, Lori.

The gangs own your city.  You’ve demoralized and defunded your police and population.  And the people live in constant fear:

Hopefully, at the end of all this, people will realize they are being played by the media and politicians.  These people at any time can cherry-pick one of the thousands of crimes that occur every day, singling them out to suit a false narrative about any group, be it cops, white people, or Americans in general.

Divide and conquer is always their game.  Don’t play.

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