Anti-Trumper and faux conservative Jedediah Bila rarely takes a position on anything that may be in contrast to her fellow leftist hosts. In fact, if we didn’t know better, we’d almost think NBC gave her the job as their token “conservative” host to make the other dingbats appear to be correct, as they are never challenged by the Trump hating host.

The View co-host stepped out of her comfort zone and actually criticized fired FBI Director James Comey in the most recent episode. While discussing the Comey hearings in front of the US Senate Intelligence committee, Bila referred to Comey as a “coward.” Jedediah went on to mock Comey’s whiny testimony until not funny comedian Joy Behar reminded her that what she thinks of Comey is “irrelevent.” Behar was finally correct about one thing. Sadly, what Bila says is considered irrelevent to both the left and the right. She rarely takes a position and when she does, it’s such a weak position, it wasn’t even worth the minimal effort she put forth.

After a few minutes of defending her views on Comey, The View hacks were left somewhat stunned when Bila actually called out Comey for going along with Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s suggestion to refer to Hillary’s case as a “matter” as opposed to an “investigation”. Bila’s co-hosts wasted no time in attacking her. Whoopi quickly interjected and warned Bila to not to “muddy the waters, as ‘they’ try to do”. Bila should know by now not to question the all-knowing leftist dingbats of The View.


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