Radical Democratic Chair Tom Perez was being interviewed by MSNBC’s Joy Reid about what Democrats need to do to ensure they win more seats in Congress. Joy Reid asked her viewers, “How do Democrats turn enthusiasm and better vibes, along with real anger at Donald Trump into the only thing that matters, winning elections?” Reid then turned to DNC Chair Tom Perez for answers. As Perez started to speak from a location in Portland Oregon, where he was appearing with Bernie Sanders for an event, viewers can see people in the background setting up for an apparent event. (Only Democrats would have people setting up their stage who have absolutely no respect for our American flag.) Watch the people tasked with setting up the Americans flags, as they drag the flag (on right side of the screen) across the ground before attempting to set it up. As the interview continues, it’s only fitting that while Perez is talking about the email list Hillary Clinton gave the DNC from her campaign, that our American flag (after being dragged across the ground) would fall onto the stage. Perez goes on to discuss “Democratic values.” Sorry Tom, but for most of us who’ve been witnessing the childish, violent and unAmerican behavior of Democrats following Hillary’s loss to President Trump, we all became keenly aware of your “Democratic values.” When our American flag fell to the ground, almost on cue while mentioning Hillary’s name…that pretty much summed up your party.

Here’s the Perez interview in its entirety. The Tom Perez interview happens at about 25-30 seconds into the show:

Here’s a tweet showing the moment the flag fell while Perez was speaking:


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DNC Chair Tom Perez was clearly not the best choice for the fractured Democrat Party following Hillary’s blistering loss to President Trump. The day before his interview with Joy Reid on MSNBC Tom Perez was introduced by the leader of the Maine Young Democrats Claire Cumming. The video shows Cumming attempting to get the crowd excited by the mere mention of socialist Bernie Sanders, “Regardless of why you showed up today, you showed up for a reason. Something compelled you to find the space and time to be here, and I want you to ask yourself what that reason is.” The excitement quickly fell flat when she mentioned Tom Perez to the crowd. Watch the millennials “boo” Perez as Cumming appears to be surprised by their reaction to this name:

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